Intellectual Property protection agency

We offer a wide range of services in the field of patent protection for technical and design solutions both in the Russian Federation and Eurasian union.
Invention protection in Russia and Eurasia. We work with wide range of technical solutions, including IT, medicine, robotics, industrial processes, construction technologies, pharmaceutics etc.





Fair pricing

We always guarantee fair costs of our services, no hidden extra pays, you always get final pricing.

Know your risks

Before start you’ll get all information about possible risks and consequences. We appreciate your time and always inform about all legislation risks.

Professional attorneys

Our team of outstanding professional in different technical scope have more than 10 years of experience in IP.

Electronic document management

All related IP documentation processed via government digital platforms. Forget about papers, you’re getting result fast and in right time.

Successful work experience

We know our job and we know it well. We have successfully drafted and register more than 500 various IP objects (inventions, utility models, designs, trademarks) and prepare more than 300 patent researches, including patent landscapes, FTO, patentability and more

Wide partners network

During our work we have built good and strong relationships with different companies in various scope of law


Objects of intellectual property registered


Years of experience in field of intellectual property


Patent researches in diverse directions
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Our benefits

We always aim to the best results in our work. Protection of your business is our main priority. We can guarantee steady price for services that you need, no hidden extra payments, all workflow are always detailed and you will be informed about every step.